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Enjoy the Convenience of Dog Waste Removal Services

As a locally owned and operated pet waste removal company, Poop E Fairy will be there when you need us to clear your Long Island NY area, yard of your dog's dirty deeds. We serve Nassau  County, coming out at the frequency of your choosing to pick it up, so you don't have to. Our fully insured team will remove and dispose of dog waste, and will never use your trash can.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes time for dog poop removal on the chore list, how many hands raise for the assignment? This is not usually a job any family member wants to tackle, but if it's not done, the waste could enter your home via shoes or paws, bringing harmful bacteria along with it. If there is rain, mud, or cold, it can make matters worse, so using us is the perfect solution.

Best Pooper Scooper Rates In Long Island!

We strive to keep our rates low, and do not charge more for additional dogs.
All prices below include taxes.

1 Time a week - 4 weeks

 $53.00 ($13.25 per pickup)

2 Times a week - 4 weeks

$100.00 ($12.50 per pickup)

3 Times a week - 4 weeks

 $150.00 ($12.50 per pickup)

One Time Cleanup